Oli Evo Blend: research of balance

 Virgin olive oils are born from the combination of a mix of different olives. Finding the right balance, the right flavors requires constant dedication and passion. Sometimes they take a wrong path, other times they find the right balances to excite our taste buds and to tickle our throat in a pleasant way. The ability to create a unique product able to vary in intensity and aroma is also a joy of working!

Extra virgin oil “Valerius”

An extra virgin oil extracted in Italy from olives grown in Italy. A superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and processed with advanced technology. In accordance with the criteria in matters of taste, aroma and nutritional values, the premium of our company is ‘Valerius’. An oil which is strong and vigorous, but soft at the same time. Exactly as our third born, Valerio. For this reason, the guide ‘Oils of Italy 2017’ of Gambero Rosso has decided to reward this oil with a score of 2 ‘red leaves’. It’s an important recognition that confirms all our efforts to create, full of passion, this product of excellent quality.

“Aurora”, lightly fruited oil

With a light touch of fresh herbs and almonds. The taste here has a pleasant spicy touch with a balanced combination of herbs and almonds. This oil has an extremely high balanced value. Extra virgin olive oil which is extracted in Italy from olives grown in Italy. An oil of superior category obtained right from the olive and thanks to the advanced technology.