Pasquale Pedicone , my story starts with my name

The roots of my family are in the wide territory of Abruzzo, the  region of Teramo and its unbreakable bonding with nature. In fact, the term ‘pedicone’ indicates the strong root system of the tree. So, the logical consequence was that I, Roberta and our children, chose to live with and by nature, its rituals and its ethics.

In our olive oil, you’ll find the soul of the territory, its expression and its pure authenticity. The unique fusion between nature and culture. In our oil you’ll taste the unification of the characteristics of the territory and its history. Climate, soil and work determine the uniqueness of our products. We really want to ensure this originality and uniqueness of our extra virgin olive oil.

Foto Famiglia frantoio

Foto Famiglia frantoio

Our olive trees and our company (frantoio ) are located on rolling hills, overlooking the Gran Sasso of Italy and on the other side the Adriatic sea, lapped by the rivers Salinello and Tordino, which in their flow towards the sea, irrigate the fertile lands of the valleys.

In this hilly territory is located Bellante, an original village of the medieval ages. Here, you’ll find our company .Here, where nature still plays its true role, with colorfull fields of wheat, of sunflowers, of vineyards, of majestic olive trees with solid and turning trunks, winding branches and silver leaves.